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Our Vendors


  • Aquifer Gardens - a regenerative farm in Topanga growing organic citrus and veggies

  • Casitas Valley Pastures - sustainable meat, including poultry, pork, lamb, and eggs

  • Mahealani Farms - gourmet mushrooms

  • Weiser Family Farms - potatoes, Melons, grapes, peaches, stone fruit, peppers, tomatoes, flowers, carrots, greens, radicchio, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, cabbage

  • Etheridge Farm - organic citrus, stone fruit, nuts, seeds, and figs

  • Smith Farms - Certified organic tomatoes, strawberries, melons, citrus, greens and many varieties of veggies

  • McGrath Family Farms - Certified organic produce

  • Ayala Farms - Berries, leafy greens, herbs, citrus, and avocados

  • Cuyama Orchards - organic apples

  • Burkart Organics - organic fruit, including citrus, stone fruit, persimmons, pomegranates, and jujubes, and dried fruit

  • Eli's Bee Company - Topanga-made honey

  • Kandarian Organic Farms - Ancient grains, beans & peas, herbs & spices, pollens and lentils

  • Tehachapi Grain Project - heritage organic grains, flours and tortillas 

  • Perennial Pastures Ranch: Regeneratively raised, 100% grass-fed, local beef & pasture-raised chicken


Prepared and Packaged Foods

  • The Canyon Bakery/The Angel in Your Kitchen: fresh breads and pastries

  • Topanga Mother - sourdough bread

  • JV Espresso Bar: hot coffees and teas

  • Thomas Yerba Mate: organic, cold and hot-brewed Yerba Mate drinks, loose leaf yerba mate bags, gourds and bombillas

  • Swenglish By Nature: homemade gourmet granola

  • Me Gusta Tamales: hot tamales

  • Wild Acai: Acai bowls and smoothies

  • Bun Boss: Authentic Chinese Dim-sum, Steamed buns and Dumplings with pork, chicken, veggie, and vegan options

  • Village Organic Herbals - Herbs, Teas, Spices, botanical medicine, and CBD products

  • In A Pickle: Gourmet, small batch pickles 

  • Sweet Raw Life - 100% Plant-based vegan cream cheese, cheesecakes, butter and yogurt

  • Vision Sprouts - Sprouted/Activated Nuts & Seeds, Sprouted/Activated Nut & Seed butter sauces

  • Maestro Kitchen - chili crunch hot sauce

  • Happy To Be Here Cacao - Ceremonial grade cacao blends

  • Topanga Curry House: Indian Curries to go ( fresh and frozen)


Launching in the Summer

  • In Season Juice Co - Seasonal Cold Pressed Organic Juice, Shots, and Tonics 

  • Sunset Cultures - non-alcoholic drinks, raw kombucha & preserves


TBD - still looking for the following vendors

  • Sustainable Seafood

  • Cheese


For current information on our rotating lineup of Artisan Vendors, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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